October 2020

Hi there.
My name is Brijhette. Pronounced 'bridge'-'JET'.

The litany of disasters delivered to our doorstops have spurred in me the professional calling to work as an engineer in the developing world. From the devastating earthquake and tsunami that wreaked havoc on the impoverished communities of Indonesia in 2004 to the race against time until the next 'Big One' on the West Coast, I've felt an unrelenting pull to and passion for the daunting and challenging profession of earthquake engineering.

Currently, I live in Oakland, California and work in San Francisco. I received my Master of Architecture in 2014, and am diligently preparing to pursue a PhD in Structural & Earthquake Engineering with emphasis in computational mechanics, smart structures, and disaster reconnaissance.

Half of my days are spent looking up, reading, and trying to piece together the intricacies of how buildings and bridges really work. The other half is spent lamenting the inequalities that plague our society's structural integrity. This site is an attempt to document my thoughts on both.

As this site's main purpose is to accompany PhD applications, it will include architectural projects from the MArch years,  thoughts on structural engineering webinars and events, and various side projects. All photos on the site are taken by me with a mobile phone using occasional contortionist-like backbends and sometimes precarious footings. The analyses I provide of each structure are an attempt to expand my technical expertise and strengthen my research capabilities. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.